Homemade Bread Recipe!!! Super Yummy!!!

Ingredients for four medium sized breads:

2 and 1/2 cups of water

2 and 1/2 tsp of salt

3 tsp dry yeast

6 and 1/2 cups of flour

1 egg


1. Pour lukewarm water into a pan or a bowl and then add salt and yeast. Mix until the salt and yeast are fully dissolved. Be careful, the water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

2. Add in the flour and mix it. Knead the flour until it stops sticking to your hands. You can add more water if it’s necessary.

3. Close the lid of the pan or a mixing bowl and wrap it up in a blanket. Let it stand for at least 3 hours or until the dough has risen.

4. Take the dough out of the pan or the mixing bowl. Form 4 medium balls.

5. Grease two baking pans and place two dough balls on each of them. Cover the baking pans with a towel and let them stand alone for 10-15 minutes.

6. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 400 F.

7. Slightly flatten the dough balls and form a round bread shape. Afterwards, poke holes into the dough using a fork or a knife.

8. Beat an egg and using your hands or a brush spread the beaten egg along the bread.

9. Bake the dough in the oven for 15-25 minutes or until slightly golden brown.

10. Take the bread out of the oven and spread some butter or olive oil onto the bread.